About the Tomatis Method®

Welcome to Listenhear

Listenhear specialises in the delivery of The Tomatis Method®, a highly effective music & sound therapy programme based on the Listening process.

The Tomatis Method® is used to assist the needs of Adults, Teenagers and Children with listening-related issues. Used successfully worldwide, the programme is now available in Ireland.

The programme works on the relationship that exists between listening and communication. The goal of the programme is to optimise three listening-related functions of the ear: the energising, vestibule and auditory functions.

The quality of an individual’s listening ability affects communication, thereby shaping psychological, emotional and social development.

The Tomatis Method® uses electronically modified music & sound to re-educate the listening system, by stimulating and improving the way in which we process auditory information and thus the way that we listen and communicate.

The Tomatis Method® is a restorative process, bringing the ears back to their normal balanced state; therefore the benefits achieved from completion of the programme are long lasting.


  • improved communication skills;
  • enhanced memory, attention and concentration;
  • increased energy levels;
  • increased motivation and desire;
  • greater awareness of body: posture and balance;
  • improved self-concept and self-confidence;
  • psychological and emotional development;
  • optimised functional listening capacity.

The programme is very effective in working with symptoms such as:

  • stress, anxiety, depression
  • low self-esteem;
  • social difficulties: withdrawal, isolation;
  • relationship difficulties: family, friends, loved one;
  • work performance issues; exhaustion;
  • loss of creativity;
  • hearing problems;
  • behavioural problems: ADD, ADHD.

"Active listening is a preferred state to passive hearing"