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Core Principals

The primary function of the ear is to convert sound, which is a nutrient, to electrical waves (energy) that charges the brain which in turn energises the entire nervous system.

We can either charge or discharge the body by the quality of sounds we take in – nutrition.

The quality of an individual’s listening ability affects communication, thereby shaping psychological, emotional and social development.

Listening ability influences memory, concentration, attention and focus;

There is a distinction between hearing and listening. Related but distinct processes, hearing is passive and listening is active;

The active process of listening can be restored or enhanced by prescribing music and sounds rich in high frequencies and administered by listening to specifically reinforced and filtered music through an ‘electronic ear’.

Listening through the ‘electronic ear’ helps rehabilitate the human ear to the ideal listening position, which is essential to accurate perception of sound. This awakens the intellect and enhances the desire and motivation to listen, not only with the ear but with the whole body.

There are direct links between sound, the ear and the body. Therefore, stimulating the ear with nutrient sounds not only affects communication, it also leads to improved balance, co-ordination and motor functions. Body posture straightens, the capacity for deep breathing returns along with an overall increase in energy levels.